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“He has no plans to stop the tradition any time soon. He celebrated his 100th birthday in March, and had his driver’s license renewed shortly after. His son stops by every day to make sure he is up, and his daughter regularly takes him to medical appointments. Gregg’s daughter Susan Cunningham said her father has

“… it’s hard to determine the line between truth-telling and hot air. Hollywood is ‘flogging nonsense,’ populated by ‘criminal dolts’ in a ‘lickspittle racket’ policed by ‘Diversity Capos’ Sometimes the complaint is delivered in the form of tortured metaphors… Sometimes it arrives in the twitterpated grievance patter of the anti-PC crowd: ‘We knew [a movie

“… being able to get things done for the American people (12 points), feeling safe (12 points) and keeping wages and salaries up with the cost of living (17 points)… [and] patriotism (11 points), crime (17 points), immigration (20 points) and border security (22 points)… [and] opposing extremism (3 points), getting beyond the chaos (6

This is what you will hear from all liberal corporate outlets for the next year: no, this time we mean it! This time Trump *really will be* fascist!These are the people imprisoning non-violent Jan 6 protesters, prosecuting Trump to win an election, censoring the internet:— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) December 4, 2023 Amazing yet

Woefully bland caption under a photograph at the Politico article “Congress provided $7.5B for electric vehicle chargers. Built so far: Zero. The sluggish rollout could undermine President Joe Biden’s reelection messaging promoting electric vehicles.”They’ve taken us so insanely deeply into debt, but what if we had a brilliant, beautiful, well-functioning, modernized national infrastructure to