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Said a passenger quoted in “Video Shows Inside of Aircraft After Passenger Opened Emergency Exit Door” (Newsweek).When you really need help in an emergency, you don’t add extra words to your statements, so any specificity is highly meaningful.Here, with the plane door blown open, the flight attendants are said to have specified that they wanted

The Atlantic suggests an article for me — from a couple years ago — that’s right in my zone. It’s by Arthur C. Brooks, The Atlantic’s happiness expert, who — I’d noticed — has a new article in The Atlantic that I’d seen but chose not to click on: “Think About Your Death and Live

“… and the chance to ‘work with Grimes.’ In reality, she’s a burgeoning CEO in the midst of building a virtual sweatshop, something companies have been doing for eons, except now it appears this artist wants to give it a try.

For example, not long ago she brought up taking 50% of the royalties of

Ludicrously disingenuous letter to the NYT “Social Q” advice columnist:My husband was chatting with our new neighbor when the neighbor mentioned he could see me undressing at night through my bathroom window. Our homes are on three-quarter-acre lots, so we’re not that close. My husband was speechless, and I continue my nightly ritual, which does

Said President Macron, quoted in “Radical left threatens civilisation in France, says Macron/President speaks out after pension reform protests and attacks on elected officials” (London Times).Presidential advisers said the term was a reference to Norbert Elias, the 20th century German sociologist who described how self-restraint and social inhibitions had civilised Europe, first in royal courts

“… filled with grains, vegetables and fruit. ‘All of these ingredients together make for a super nutrient dense cottage cheese bowl that will have you full for literally hours’….”From “Why is cottage cheese trending again?” (London Times).We’re told there are blogs and TikToks devoted to re-popularizing cottage cheese. One suggestion is to whip it