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Proposition 19 is a new law in California that significantly affects the way property taxes are assessed on homes when deeded to heirs. While intra-family transfers were previously protected under Proposition 13, its effect has been significantly bludgeoned. On the other hand, Proposition 19 does include the added benefit of extra assessment transfers for residents

Under the Partition Law, “[a] bidder is responsible if it can perform the contract as promised.” (PCC § 20162; Valley Crest Landscape, Inc. v. City Council (1996) 41 Cal.App.4th 1432, 1438.) That means, in essence, that it can be determined from the face of the bid itself that it will be viable, without outside investigation

Does the appeal of an interlocutory judgment automatically stay the partition case?
No. An appeal of an interlocutory judgment in a partition case is not stayed unless the appellant files an undertaking. (CCP §§ 917.4, 917.5.) Normally, appeals of court judgments result in an “automatic” stay that restrains the lower trial court from issuing any