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A Spanish Teacher was teaching in a class about the usage of nouns. How, unlike English, nouns are categorized as masculine or feminine.

“House” for example, is Feminine: “La Casa.”

“Pencil” , however, is masculine: “El Lapiz.”

A student asked, “What gender is “Computer”?

In spite of giving the answer, she decided to do a

After a battle of about four years to secure the removal of South Africa’s public protector, Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane, the country’s parliament finally delivered the coup de grace in early September. Parliamentarians voted to impeach her just a month before her term was due to end. President Cyril Ramaphosa subsequently removed her from office.Some of the public protector’s

Information. Opinions. Marketing campaigns. They’re everywhere. All fields, all industries, every sector has something to say. And they all need an easy way to disseminate it.  

The legal sector is no different. 

Content in today’s market is extremely valuable, both in keeping existing clients up to date as well as enticing new clients to

The Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa (FISA) will hold its 13th Annual Conference, sponsored by Hollard Court Bonds, on Tuesday 17 October at the Sandton Convention Centre.  The conference is well-known among fiduciary practitioners, academics and the media as an event where critical issues at the intersection of practice and theory are presented by high

A virtual feast of Africa’s best creative showcases, digital workshops, talks, music, and digital art exhibitions

Get ready for an electrifying 10th-anniversary celebration of African creativity at the Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival.  Taking place from 26 September to 1 October 2023, the festival is an unmissable event at the forefront of Africa’s culture and

Never Miss a Beat With SpeechLive from Philips…

After a review of their overall needs, leading law firm Mullane & Lindsay Solicitors realised that they needed a new Dictation solution that would give their practice the ability to Dictate, from anywhere at any time with a fast turnaround.

Why Philips SpeechLive?

SpeechLive is the ideal solution

SwimKam, a revolutionary all-in-one anti-drowning solution, is now available in South Africa. Designed to ensure an integrated approach to water safety, SwimKam offers multiple layers of protection to prevent accidents in swimming pools and other bodies of water.

“The fact that there are still swimming pool drownings with other protection options in place says it

Have you ever dreamt of stepping into a world of mystery, adventure, and mind-bending puzzles? Look no further than the immersive live escape room craze that has been sweeping across the globe, and which is taking South Africa by storm! 

Escape rooms are not just games; they’re full-blown adventures that challenge your intellect, communication skills,