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Recent litigation in the State of Washington highlights the need to address the evolving landscape of cyber liability and ransomware attacks. The lawsuit filed by POC USA, LLC (“POC”) against Expeditors International of Washington, Inc. (“Expeditors”) stems from a failure to fulfill third-party logistics services during a ransomware attack. The rising prevalence of ransomware is

In a world where reputation is paramount, athletes often stand as symbols of hard work, determination, wealth, and success. Despite their celebrity, they are not immune to the snares of financial scams. Take, for example, the LA Dodger’s own Shohei Ohtani’s former interpreter, who pled guilty just last week to bank and tax fraud after

Divorce is a challenging time, often fraught with emotional and logistical complexities. Amidst the emotional upheaval, one aspect that requires careful consideration is the division of debts. Financial entanglements can add a layer of complexity to an already difficult situation. Understanding how debts are handled during a divorce is crucial for both parties to ensure

California is often the first when it comes to new laws and regulations governing employers, and a new law introduced by San Francisco Assemblyman Matt Haney would be another first of its kind. If passed, this proposed legislation would make California the only state in the country to mandate that employers give their employees the ability