• Ministers overseeing the Chilean government’s sustainability and climate change efforts have proposed a network of protected areas comprising 27 salt flats and lagoons, part of the country’s National Lithium Strategy.
  • Another 26 salt flats will be exclusively used for exploration and extraction of lithium by national and international companies; two state-owned mining companies will lead

  • Proposals by some of the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters to transition their energy sectors away from fossil fuels and toward renewables have generally been welcomed by the scientific community as progress in the right direction.
  • However, while acknowledging the energy transition as essential, energy experts caution policymakers to also consider the unintended social and

  • The European Union currently has fisheries access deals with 11 African countries, several of which are up for renegotiation this year.
  • Under the deals, called Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements (SFPAs), European fishing companies gain access to resource-filled foreign waters, while the African countries get cash.
  • Senegal was the first country to sign such a deal,