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Close to eight decades, but still, the Israel-Palestine conflict has never been out of the news. With time, it has not only remained a bilateral issue but an international armed conflict where not only the conflicting parties, but other countries (especially the P5) tend to portray their self-interests.
The post Elucidating the Israel-Palestine Conflict: South

This research explores the function of copyright in protecting authentic works, with a focus on
the Indian fashion industry. The Copyright Act of 1957 and the next amendments shaped the felony framework, offering automated safety upon introduction. While the law safeguards tangible expressions of style designs, utilitarian components continue to be outside its scope, posing

An Earthquake is a sudden shaking of the earth’s surface due to the Seismic waves which are the result of the Earth’s lithosphere. Now Earthquakes can be weak with a low magnitude which can barely be felt. Sometimes they can be of a moderate density and can cause tremors that can be felt and damage

On November 6th, a Monday, the Supreme Court of India expressed its deep concern over
the recurring issue of state governments having to resort to legal recourse when the
governor’s decisions on bills passed by the legislature are pending. This issue highlights a
potential conflict between the executive authority represented by the governor and the