24 Jul 2024
The Competition Commission (Commission) has decided not to prosecute a complaint of alleged anti-competitive conduct initiated against Johnson & Johnson (Pty) Ltd and its subsidiary company, Janssen Pharmaceutica (Pty) Ltd.
The Commission investigated allegations of abuse of dominance against Johnson & Johnson (Pty) Ltd and its subsidiary company, Janssen Pharmaceutica (Pty) Ltd,

22 Jul 2024
The extent and limitations of liens as a form of security
A lien is a lawfully recognised right of retention originating in contract, or ex lege in certain instances of unjustified enrichment, that constitutes a valid defence to an owner’s rei vindicatio or a third-party’s real claim.
Lienholders are protected against defaulting

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21 Jul 2024
The term “voetstoots“, derived

18 Jul 2024
Restraint of trade clauses in employment contracts aims to protect employers from competition by former employees. These clauses restrict an employee’s ability to engage in similar business ventures or practice their trade within a specified period and area after leaving their employer. While such clauses are generally enforceable, they must not

11 Jul 2024
Legal&Tax, a leading provider of legal expense insurance, is proud to promote access to justice. “For over 20 years, we have been driven by our unwavering commitment to ensure that every person in South Africa has access to legal advice and assistance. By providing accessible legal support, we aim to bridge the