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Here it is — Professor Gideon Kanner’s final law journal article, published shortly before his passing:

Gideon Kanner, Eminent Domain Projects That Didn’t Work Out, 12 Brigham-Kanner Prop. Rts. J. 171 (2023).

Appropriately, we think, published in William and Mary Law School’s Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Journal, named in part in Gideon’s honor.

A big thank you to Clint Schumacher and his Eminent Domain Podcast for having us on the program (this is the sixth time, not that we’re counting). We joined Clint to chat about three breaking issues in eminent domain (highlighted by the intriguing cases we discuss), as well as to preview the upcoming 41st ALI-CLE

The U.S. Court of Appeals’ opinion in Barlow v. United States, No. 22-1381 (Nov. 22, 2023), isn’t a groundbreaking opinion on takings (although yes, it did reverse the Court of Federal Claims’s dismissal of the property owner’s rails-to-trails takings claim), but is still worth a quick read.
The major issue was whether, under Illinois

“Good morning, Justices”
You know that from time to time — mostly thanks to our friend and colleague Shane Rayman and his firm — we cover property goings-on north of the border when a good property rights case comes before the Supreme Court of Canada (see here and here for past examples).
Well, here’s another