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Credit reports have more errors than ever right now.  Student loans, car loans, really – any kind of credit out there, is often reported inaccurately on your credit reports. It costs you nothing to have us take a look.  Our Fair Credit Reporting Act cases are ALL on a contingency basis – no fees/costs unless

I just became aware of a new procedure to provide “an intent to separate a joint consolidation loan” when a client received this:
As you are already aware, you and XX have a FFEL Joint Consolidation Loan. ED has indicated that FFEL Joint Consolidation Loan borrowers who take the necessary steps to separate their loans

Lenders will often try to get a note and mortgage into evidence with a simple endorsement in blank of the promissory note.  This can be defeated.
The mortgage is the issue.
A mortgage follows a “note” but a mortgage does not follow a non-negotiable instrument. Since Florida Statutes Ch. 673 does not apply, the transfer

We write a column – that has become 1-2 pages due to all the stuff going on — called the Student Loan Sidebar in our local Cramdown publication to all bankruptcy practitioners including debtor attorneys, the creditors’ bar and our judiciary.
Because not everyone has access to this publication, we also have a copy added

The United States Trustee Program (USTP) has resumed audits of individual chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 on March 13 ,2023.
What does this mean if your case is selected?
The USTP contracts with independent firms, utilizing certified public accountants and independent licensed

Our ad came out in the Hillsborough County Lawyer Magazine today for our new Workspaces in South Tampa.  Yay!  During the pandemic when our team started working remotely, we fully renovated our office space to offer a “sometimes” office as needed for both us and our colleagues.  We offer several different packages, from a simple

A bankruptcy claims trading platform called Xclaim just closed a $7 million fund raising round after adding a focus toward crypto claims.
If you have funds stuck in one of several centralized crypto related companies which filed bankruptcy last year, this may be of interest to you.  I have no recommendation of this firm and

One of the little known facts in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, is that someone can repay a vehicle loan using the Till rate of interest rather than contract rate, as well as value the vehicle at it’s current market value.  That can be important if the vehicle is “underwater” and more is owed than what