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“By contrast, about half of voters say Trump’s policies when he was president helped them personally, more than the 37% who say they were hurt…. ‘Bidenomics,’ the president’s signature economic platform, is viewed favorably by less than 30% of voters and unfavorably by more than half…. …Biden is holding only 87% of voters who told Journal

The headline is “Gaetz’s effort to make the impeachment hearing about Hunter Biden’s problems backfired spectacularly”:During Thursday’s impeachment hearing, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee repeatedly tried to shift the focus from President Donald Trump’s apparent abuse of power to the Bidens — their goal being to establish that Trump had legitimate reasons to

Writes Maureen Dowd, in “The Ivy League Flunks Out” (NYT), talking about the line “It is a context-dependent decision” spoken by U Penn president Penn’s Elizabeth Magill.We were just talking about Bill Clinton rhetoric — 2 posts down, here — but that was about “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” and the

I’m reading page 108 of “Theodore Rex (Theodore Roosevelt Series Book 2),” by Edmund Morris (Amazon link, commission earned).Also, on page 126:His “beach book” for the season was Nicolay and Hay’s Abraham Lincoln: A History, in ten volumes. Unfazed, he read it straight through, along with his usual supply of dime novels and

“… in alleged influence peddling by his son and brothers. An irate Biden seemed to morph into Bill Clinton and — echoing his predecessor’s ‘I did not have sex with that woman’ denial of an earlier scandal — effectively declared that he did not have relations with ‘those people.’

As with Clinton, the denial was

“The [Texas] Supreme Court said that, ‘without regard to the merits’ of the arguments on either side, it had issued an administrative stay in the case, to give itself more time to issue a final ruling…. [The lower court] judge, a Democrat, found that Ms. Cox, 31… met the criteria for an exception to the state’s

“As for this writer, I’m not so sure. Cutesy prose and crassness — however entertaining or inflammatory — don’t equate with cleverness, necessarily.”From “X begins rolling out Grok, its ‘rebellious’ chatbot, to subscribers” (Yahoo Life).I wanted to check out Grok, which required me to sign up for X Premium+ and locate “Grok” in the left sidebar