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Mandatory forum (venue) selection provisions are generally construed in favor of enforceability.  Parties agreed to the forum for disputes so why not enforce them, right?  A recent federal district court case out of the Eastern District of Louisiana exemplifies an exception grounded in judicial economy which disfavors the enforceability of mandatory forum selection provisions. Keep

A declaration of non-monetary status is a special type of court filing reserved for trustees under a deed of trust. These trustees have limited powers, but are often named as defendants in lawsuits by plaintiffs seeking to ensure proper joinder. 
Of course, being named in a complaint carries with it several responsibilities, chief among

Common Misconceptions About Bankruptcy in Riverside
Navigating the complexities of bankruptcy law in Riverside, California, can often lead to confusion and misconceptions. At Reid & Hellyer, we recognize that accurate information is crucial when considering such a significant financial decision. Misunderstandings about bankruptcy can lead to unnecessary fear and hesitation. This article aims to debunk

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