Pro Bono

By Sterling WilliamsThroughout my legal career as a corporate attorney specializing in mergers and acquisitions — specifically private equity and independent sponsor deals — I have had the privilege of engaging in pro bono work for nonprofit organizations. Guiding these entities in establishing their non-profit statuses and facilitating their registrations with the appropriate local jurisdictions has been instrumental in enabling

By Kristen SondayPaladin Co-Founder Kristen Sonday asks DOJ Pro Bono Program Manager Laura Klein about the value of pro bono work for both attorneys and clients, the government’s pro bono program and more.Tell us about the Federal Government’s pro bono program? How did it get started?As early as the 1970’s, efforts have been made to encourage federal government

By Eric G. OsborneWe often say that each dollar spent on legal aid saves taxpayers three to four dollars, but it may not be immediately obvious to many people how free civil legal services ultimately saves money. Today, I want to share the story of a client that I think helps illustrate this. This story is

By Kevin GolembiewskiThe law is a language. Pleading, cause of action, discovery, hearsay, res judicata, statute of limitations, civil procedure. To understand and protect your legal rights, you must learn this language and the complex rules that govern it. Or you must find an interpreter — that is, a lawyer. No different than if you were in