Der Nordbayerische Kurier titelte „Kiff-Verbot mit hohen Strafen – Wiesnwirte zufrieden“. Der bayerische Landtag hat am 17.07.2024 einen Gesetzesentwurf der Fraktionen CSU und FREIE WÄHLER für ein Cannabisfolgenbegrenzungsgesetz angenommen. Dieses Gesetz nimmt den Gastronomen des Oktoberfests eine konfliktträchtige Entscheidung ab. Denn nach Wirtesprecher Peter Inselkammer stellt sich die Frage so: Halten sich Gäste

In the Soviet Union and later in Russia, reference to World War II played a central role in the decades after 1945. The reference has never lost any of its intensity and is currently reaching a new climax. The “never again” narrative in Russia takes a very specific form: It has never been focused

In a recent televised discussion in Turkey, two Youtube-influencers have discussed Sharia law and Muhammad’s marriage with Aisha. Referring to the incompatibility of the said marriage due to the age of Aisha with the human rights and democratic values, this has caused strong reactions on social media. Moreover, after a public statement of the Justice

Written by Andrés García Higuera.

In today’s global, saturated textile and fashion system, obtaining accurate and precise data from upstream actors or from the supply chain can be challenging. Sustainability requires transparency, circularity, and more demand-driven operations; all this could help to bring down the textile production and consumption figures associated with ‘fast fashion’. Customer‑centric

The Dispute: A Settlement Agreement Under Scrutiny

The case of B v B (259/2023) [2024] ZASCA 116 originated from a divorce settlement that quickly became contentious after its conclusion. The parties, both medical professionals – the appellant an occupational therapist and the respondent a urologist – had been married out of community of property with

While Pakistan is heading towards promulgating a new arbitration law, developments continue to take place under the extant Arbitration Act, 1940 (“the  Act”). Section 34 is one of the most availed provisions of the Act, which provides for the stay of court proceedings where an arbitration agreement exists between the parties. This provision can

A part-time judge in London is to deliver a ruling today that could provoke a constitutional clash between the United Kingdom and the United States.Margaret Obi, an acting judge of the British Indian Ocean Territory Supreme Court, is expected to make a bail ruling today in favour of Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers

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