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The 4th Amendment is on its last legs, but the 2nd Amendment is alive and kicking. Check out this Fifth Circuit opinion from last week, finding a statute unconstitutional for prohibiting a person subject to a domestic violence restraining order from possessing a gun. From CNN: A federal law that prohibits people subject

This installment in the Legal Theory Lexicon is intended to introduce law students (especially first years) to “the veil of ignorance”–an idea from political philosophy that has had an important influence on legal theory. 
From the Ex Ante Perspective to the Veil of Ignorance
Law students quickly learn that law school focuses more about

The Legal Theory Bookworm recommends Climate Liberalism: Perspectives on Liberty, Property and Pollution, edited by Jonathan H. Adler.  Here is a description:
Climate Liberalism examines the potential and limitations of classical-liberal approaches to pollution control and climate change. Some successful environmental strategies, such as the use of catch-shares for fisheries, instream water rights, and tradable emission

The Download of the Week is Legislative Constitutionalism & Federal Indian Law by Maggie Blackhawk.  Here is the abstract:
The United States has reached a moment in its constitutional history when the Supreme Court has asserted itself as not only one of, but the exclusive audience to ask and answer questions of constitutional meaning and constitutional law.

Due to contract issues between SAG-AFTRA and independent producers of the movie “Fast Charlie,” they told SAG members that they could not work on the current production. The film’s producers are “in default of the SAG-AFTRA agreement for independent producers of theatrical motion pictures.” The film is directed by Phillip Noyce and stars Pierce Brosnan

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