Common Law

 Ever wonder what that person wearing a robe sitting a few feet above everyone else is doing during court or during a trial?  They stare intently at a CRT screen, frown a bit, and are fully engrossed in their endeavors. Surely they are putting the finishing touches on a groundbreaking law review article on the

 She walks in beauty, like the nightOf cloudless climes and starry skies;And all that’s best of dark and brightMeet in her aspect and her eyes;Thus mellowed to that tender lightWhich heaven to gaudy day denies.Lord Byron. (it’s not lyrics from you know who- rhymes with “drift”- we prefer the

    Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday, a bittersweet day. It has been a great 2023 Football season. The advent of online betting apps made the season so much fun.  We had exciting games and playoff races and glimpsed a future where the Dolphins are relevant in end of season discussions.  After today it’s the NBA, college B

People, including judges and jurors, have a tendency to believe the information they receive. Taking information as true by default is referred to as the ‘truth bias’.

Sometimes, the information people receive is discredited. When that happens, people are more likely to misremember as true a piece of information they have been told is false,

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