Tuesday, December 5, 2023, the U.S. Supreme Court threw out a lawsuit filed by a woman who calls herself a “lawsuit tester.”    Deborah Laufer is visually-impaired and uses a wheelchair.  She has used her disabilities to search online for businesses that are not technically compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act requirement

 In two recent separate lawsuits, patrons of Panera Bread have accused the company of killing their loved ones with lemonade.      Panera’s “charged lemonade” packs a very large quantity of caffeine.  One cup contains 395 mg of caffeine, which compares to the FDA’s maximum allowable intake as being 400 mg.    This is the equivalent

     It has recently come to my attention that some men are being defrauded by their girlfriends presenting them with an ultrasound showing the presence of a bun in the oven. Or two buns in the oven, as depicted in the picture above.    The men are unsuspecting.  Wanting to provide a home