Ethics & Professional Responsibility

Welcome to Friday and the 262nd #fiveforfriday legal ethics quiz!

As a runner, finding something to associate with “262” is easy for me: a marathon is 26.2 miles. If you’re wondering, the name and distance reflect the 40 kilometers that a messenger allegedly ran from Marathon to Athens to share the news of the Greek’s

The issue of whether a self-represented lawyer is subject to Rule 4.2’s “no-contact” provision is not one with which I have much experience. Whether as disciplinary counsel or when I was the screener, I never reviewed a single complaint alleging such a violation.  Nor has the topic ever been broached in the context of an

Last week, the Virginia Supreme Court approved Legal Ethics Opinion 1897.  Regular readers will recognize the title topic: “RULE 4.2 – REPLYING ALL TO AN EMAIL WHEN THE OPPOSING PARTY IS COPIED.” 

I’ve blogged and spoken on this issue often.  I’ll continue to do so as long as lawyers continue to contact me to

First, apologies for the lengthy absence, but between Covid, recovering from Covid, and a dumpster fire of a September calendar, time has been scarce.That’s an awkward intro to a short piece on lying about timekeeping and what you were doing, isn’t it?Anyway, Above The Law has reported the case of a now-former Dentons associate in

The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission has ordered the removal of a judge on multiple findings of misconduct In the Commission’s view, maintaining the integrity of the judicial process requires that Respondent be removed. As set forth in this Decision and…

A few hours ago, I learned that Attorney Ray Massucco died unexpectedly yesterday.  The news made me double over in shock.

I can’t say that Ray and I were close friends.  Over the years, I don’t think we’ve seen each other anywhere other than at a VBA meeting or the annual meeting of the Windham