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Last week Safe Work Australia released its “Managing psychosocial hazards at work – Code of Practice“. It offers solid guidance on psychosocial hazards reflective of the work already conducted by Victoria, New South Wales and other jurisdictions and in support of the new regulations in the Model Work Health and Safety laws. In connection with

A California gender discrimination lawsuit against a prominent gaming company has been approved for settlement at $100 million, to be split (after legal costs) among 1,000 employees (current and former) employed by the firm in 2018. The deal was approved by the court following allegations of widespread sexism and gender-based harassment. It follows a previous

Business litigation often involve claims for trade secret misappropriation under Florida’s Uniform Trade Secret Act (FUTSA). Under certain circumstances, parties in business litigation may be entitled injunctive relief under FUTSA. A plaintiff seeking a temporary injunction to protect its trade secrets must show that there is an actual or likely misappropriation of trade secrets and

As a San Bernardino car accident attorney, Greg Kirakosian of Kirakosian Law has a tremendous amount of experience when it comes to victims of car accidents. If you’ve been in an automobile accident in San Bernardino, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t leave the scene of the accident.
  • If you’re able,
  • Former JPMorgan Bank NA compliance attorney, Shaquala Williams, filed a retaliation lawsuit against the company in the New York Southern District court. Williams, who joined the company in July 2018 as vice president, was allegedly terminated from the company after raising concerns about multiple compliance failures. 
    According to an article published on Law360, JPMorgan

    Mexico’s Ministry of the Interior (Secretaría de Gobernación) has determined that all Brazilian nationals who intend to travel to Mexico as visitors without permission to perform remunerated activities (tourism/business) must obtain stamped visas in their passports prior to their travel.
    The determination was published on August 3, 2022, in Mexico’s Official Gazette of the Federation

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