Elder Law

I thank 2nd Assistant Clerk Stephen Cronin for emailing me the attached documents in the Karen Read case where she has appealed a discovery decision made by the trial judge.

SJ-2023-0343 petition   This is the defendant’s petition to overturn some of the trial judge’s decisions.
SJ-2023-0343 motion to impound   This is the defendant’s

On Friday afternoon, August 25, 2023, Attorney Michael P. Morrissey, the elected District Attorney of Norfolk County, Massachusetts, took a step that he stated was unprecedented; he issued a public statement in the form of an online video regarding a case his office has been prosecuting over the past year and a half (Commonwealth v.

When I speak with people for the first time about the Medicaid application process – specifically about the 5 year look back and the amount of documentation required – they often tell me that in their case it should be easy.  “Mom never had much,” they’ll tell me.  But is that necessarily true?  Maybe yes, maybe no but

In this third post of three, I finish telling you about an executor’s sale of real estate that hit a snag.  As I explained last week, the Buyer’s title company concluded that the decedent didn’t own 100% of the property.  Instead they said he owned only 50%.

The confusion arose from that the fact that at one