Does the ultra-solemn setting suggest he is going to resign? It feels strange, perhaps even wrong, to use the Oval Office to talk about the political campaign.Looking for clues, I’m reading this CNN article about the upcoming speech, “Biden to deliver Oval Office address on decision not to seek reelection as Harris and Trump hit

“… but it wasn’t clear then what they really did believe. The culture didn’t seem to be offering many alternatives. You can dispose of discretionary dollars in various ways. If you were a yuppie, you spent them on yourself. You consumed conspicuously. That’s what the yuppie-haters hated most about the yuppies. You bought things you

“They have landed on trees, farms and urban side streets, their payloads bursting and spilling out waste paper, used cloth, cigarette butts and compost​. On Wednesday, for the first time, some of them landed inside the sprawling compound in central Seoul that includes the office of President Yoon Suk Yeol… one of the most tightly