Tim Samples, Katherine Ireland, and Caroline Kraczon, TL;DR: The Law and Linguistics of Social Platform Terms-of-Use, __ Berkeley Tech. L. J. __ (forthcoming 2023), available at SSRN.

Nancy Kim

Much has been written about ubiquitous online terms of service or terms of use (TOUs). But, as Samples, et. al. write in their forthcoming article,

Rebecca Kunkel (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – Rutgers Law School) has posted Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Proletarianization of the Legal Profession (Creighton Law Review, Vol. 56, 2022) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract:
Recent advances in computer programming, broadly categorized as “artificial intelligence,” (“Al”) have renewed debates over machines as viable replacements

Said Chris Martin, quoted in “Chris Martin’s one-meal-a-day diet inspired by Bruce Springsteen/Coldplay frontman says he now eats nothing after 4pm” (London Times).That’s more or less what we do at Meadhouse… but we’re 70ish. You really do need to eat less when you are old. But Martin is only 46!

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