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In a recent decision, the Seventh Circuit federal court of appeals reaffirmed the limited role courts have in reviewing arbitration awards. The decision also provides a lesson to litigants about the need for a clearly written and well-reasoned arbitration decision.
The case stems from a fallout between a technology company and an inventor turned equity

Not all corporate mergers and acquisitions are amicable arrangements; most notably, the hostile takeover. There are various types of mergers and acquisitions in California. Even merger discussions that begin amicably may result in a perceivably unfair closing agreement, triggering expensive post-closing litigation. Oral promises may never translate into a written contract or diluted shareholders may

Canadian Federal Court Applies New Test for Patent Subject Matter Eligibility

New Canadian Federal Court decision implements new statutory subject matter evaluation as applied to computer-implemented inventions and medical diagnostics.
The new test outlined by the Federal Court of Canada requires the CIPO to perform a three-step evaluation:
1. Purposively construe the claim.
2. Ask

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