Dear friends,
It is my great pleasure to introduce Tracy Walters McCormack, former Director of Advocacy at The University of Texas School of Law, who will be joining our team as an experienced mediator, arbitrator, and consultant.
Tracy is available immediately for mediations and arbitrations, both in-person and remote, as well as the services below.

Assessing your case from your side’s point of view is critical. But it won’t get you far if you don’t pay attention to your opponent’s needs as well.
Here are three tips to help you move from conflict to resolution.

  • Spend time sizing up the case from your opponent’s point of view. They are most
  • How do you react when your negotiating opponent says something completely outlandish? Some negotiators walk out. Some blow up, screaming invective. Some stoop to insult. In short, they do everything but negotiate.
    Keep negotiating
    You can’t reach a negotiated settlement if you’re not negotiating. Sometimes you must react to the nonsense you have just been

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    Most of the cases I mediate are fact-dependent. The law is settled; it is up to the parties to correctly apply the law to these facts. Yet, lawyers sometimes show up with little understanding of what the relevant law is. When the applicability of statutes and regulations is cloudy, case law provides interpretation. Reconsider how

    Confidentiality is a hallmark of the mediation process. Information introduced exclusively at the mediation, whether oral or tangible, cannot be introduced in any other civil forum. The Evidence Code spells this out for civil cases; the Government Code applies in administrative cases. Guaranteed confidentiality promotes frankness, especially when people are in caucus with the mediator