The guidance was issued after ESMA and national regulators observed “high volatility episodes” in EU share prices, some of which took place shortly after pre-close calls with analysts.

By James Inness, Rob Moulton, Nicola Higgs, and Jonathan Ritson-Candler

Key Takeaways:

  • ESMA recently published guidance providing non-exhaustive indicative best practices for issuers’ conduct

With the new 2024 Title IX Regulations going into effect on August 1, 2024, Franczek P.C. will offer everything your institution needs for compliance support.  

  • Annual Training: The new regulations require annual training for all those involved in Title IX compliance and a brief training for all employees. We offer trainings in both live-in-person,

The Spanish Data Protection Agency, together with other data protection authorities, has recently presented a set of guidelines for data controllers aimed at promoting the responsible use of Wi-Fi tracking technologies, with the objective of safeguarding the privacy and protection of individuals’ personal data. These guidelines arise in response to the potential negative impact

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You have a distinguished career as an Advocate-on-Record at the Supreme Court of India. Could you share with us how you began your journey in law?  And your father, Late Sankar Ghose, was a Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court of India. How

In my blog post last week I told you about a recent Wall Street Journal article that caught my eye.  Jeffrey’s siblings sued to recover their brother’s retirement account.  In 1987 Jeffrey designated his girlfriend at the time as the beneficiary of the account.  He broke up with her in 1989 but never changed the beneficiary so when