On Tuesday, the U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand—known as the “Export Enforcement Five” or “E5”—issued joint guidance to industry and academia on how best to identify Russian export control evasion tactics. The E5 coordinates with other members of the Global Export Control Coalition (GECC) on export controls specific to Russia. In addition to

K.D. v. Anthem Blue Cross, No. 2:21-cv-343-DAK-CMR, 2023 WL 6147729 (D. Utah Sep. 20, 2023) (Judge Dale A. Kimball)

Despite Congress’ clear and repeated attempts to eliminate disparities in the treatment of mental health and addiction claims when compared to other kinds of claims for medical benefits, ERISA plaintiffs have had only rare success

I was asked to discuss the unprecedent suspension of visa services to Canadians on RedFM on September 22, 2023. 
Note: the suspension of visa services only applies to new or pending applications; it does not impact the rights of anyone that holds an OCI or valid visa to India. 

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Many aspiring lawyers want to utilize their legal training in the sports industry. “Sports law,” at its core, is the application of legal principles and thought to sports-industry clients. Therefore, lawyers practicing nearly any type of law—be it personal injury, labor and employment, immigration or corporate—could consider themselves a “sports lawyer” if they have clients

In the legal operations realm, eDiscovery has always been a critical function, but the rapid advent of digital technologies has dramatically increased its complexity. While these advancements offer new tools for communication and data storage, they also pose unique challenges that legal operations professionals cannot afford to ignore.

Back in “Small Boats Week” during the summer, the government announced the tripling of employer penalties for illegal workers to £45,000 per worker. The immigration minister said that the increase was necessary because “making it harder for illegal migrants to work and operate in the UK is vital to deterring dangerous, unnecessary small boat crossings”