That’s just sad. The email goes on to ask me to “join” Carole King by giving money to “Joe and Kamala.”

What celebrity are they throwing at you? At least I know they’re not using Spotify to try to find out which musical artist might be able to reach me. The answer is no one, but I don’t think I’ve ever played one of Carole King’s recordings. I’ve been subjected to them on a number of occasions. I don’t dislike her. I just don’t care. And even if I did care about her — or anyone else’s — music, I wouldn’t care about her name slapped on some political email… other than to find it insulting that the campaign thinks I might be stirred to action by a celebrity’s name.

Carole King. I mean, it’s annoying. It’s like some idiot was wondering how to call out to Boomers.