Cimarron Global Solutions, a U.S.-based leader in sport and tourism research and strategy, and Quantum Consultancy, a sport and entertainment advisory firm based in the U.K., announced today a partnership that the companies claim will “transform the international sport event hosting landscape across North America. This alliance brings together the expertise of two industry leaders to create a joint international sporting event hosting strategy service. This innovative service “is tailored to empower North American cities of all sizes to attract and host international events, fostering community development and global engagement.”

“We are thrilled to join forces with Quantum Consultancy,” said Dr. Jennifer Stoll, President & CEO of Cimarron Global Solutions. “This partnership is a game-changer for the industry, allowing us to leverage our combined strengths to support cities in North America unlock the full potential of securing and hosting international sporting events.”

Echoing this sentiment, Quantum Consultancy’s Co-Founder and CEO, Mark Mateer, stated, “Our collaboration with Cimarron Global Solutions is a strategic move towards reshaping the future of sport events by elevating the opportunities and positive outcomes for both events rights holders and host destinations. Together, we are setting a new standard for excellence in sport and entertainment event advisory in North America by placing host communities and economic development at the core of the service, ensuring a realistic and measurable purpose behind every investment.”

The first offering from this partnership, the joint international sporting event hosting strategy service, is designed to capitalize on the burgeoning opportunity for North American markets to showcase their unique offerings on the world stage.

“Never before has the world’s eye for sport been so focused on North America due to the array of major events taking place across the continent over the next 10-plus years,” commented Stoll. “However, it’s a common industry myth that international sport hosting opportunities are only for large markets. Opportunities for different market sizes and budgets exist, and our joint service offering with Quantum aims to simplify that process of finding, planning for, and successfully hosting those events.”

The comprehensive service offering by Cimarron and Quantum is specifically designed for destinations, sports commissions, venue operators, and event rights holders alike and features support for every step throughout the event lifecycle from identifying opportunities, and bid preparation, to hosting strategy, and event performance measurement. Cimarron and Quantum are committed to positively impacting communities and sport organizations through easing the barrier of entry to hosting transformative international events across North America. This is the first of several service offerings emerging from the partnership of Cimarron and Quantum.