I’m reading “Trump Voters Are America Too/If he wins a second term, perhaps we’ll finally dispense with the myth that ‘this is not who we are,'” by Mark Leibovich, in The Atlantic.

“This is not who we are”: The would-be guardians of America’s better angels have been scolding us with this line for years. Or maybe they mean it as an affirmation. Either way, the axiom prompts a question: Who is “we” anyway? Because it sure seems like a lot of this “we” keeps voting for Trump….

Look at the question from the other side. Why did some people feel entitled to speak for the “we” and purport to disqualify their fellow citizens as part of the “we”? Oddly, it seems that they were disincluding those they thought were insufficiently inclusive. Who’s been otherizing whom? 

But Leibovich doesn’t proceed to try to understand Trump voters as human beings worth knowing. He just goes on to do what a writer for The Atlantic is supposed to do and bemoan those terrible deplorables.

If Trump wins in 2024, his detractors will have to reckon once again with the voters who got us here—to reconcile what it means to share a country with so many citizens who keep watching Trump spiral deeper into his moral void and still conclude, “Yes, that’s our guy.”