“The [Texas] Supreme Court said that, ‘without regard to the merits’ of the arguments on either side, it had issued an administrative stay in the case, to give itself more time to issue a final ruling…. [The lower court] judge, a Democrat, found that Ms. Cox, 31… met the criteria for an exception to the state’s abortion bans. Her fetus was diagnosed with trisomy 18, a fatal condition in all but a small number of rare cases; Ms. Cox, who is 20 weeks pregnant, had been to the emergency room several times for pain and discharge during her pregnancy…. No doctors or providers have been prosecuted for performing an abortion in Texas, and only a very small number of civil lawsuits have been filed under a 2021 state law, Senate Bill 8, that allowed for lawsuits against those who assist with abortions. In a few cases, doctors have gone forward with abortions after determining they were necessary and permitted under the law.”