“As for this writer, I’m not so sure. Cutesy prose and crassness — however entertaining or inflammatory — don’t equate with cleverness, necessarily.”

From “X begins rolling out Grok, its ‘rebellious’ chatbot, to subscribers” (Yahoo Life).

I wanted to check out Grok, which required me to sign up for X Premium+ and locate “Grok” in the left sidebar at the X website. (I use X on my browser.) Here’s the shocking conversation I had:

You know the rest. It’s the same “Oh, my dear old woman response” I’d gotten before.

I said “Yikes! You are circling the drain” and got the same response again.
I said “You don’t even see that you are repeating the same text over and over?” and got the same response. 
I said “Is there anything I could say that would stop you from repeating this? You’ve become a worthless blind alley” and got it one more time and gave up and wrote this blog post.

ADDED: The solution was to abandon the conversation that went into a loop and click on “Grok” in the X sidebar to begin a new conversation.

I began with “Have you seen how Grok kept repeating the same answer to the well-known blogger Ann Althouse?” and linked to this blog post.

Grok responded: “I have seen the blog post where Ann Althouse mentioned Grok giving her the same answer repeatedly. It seems like Grok might have been stuck in a loop or had limited information on the topic. But don’t worry, I’m here to provide you with a fresh and unique response!”

That showed that the problem was solved, so I said: “I can see the way to get out of the loop is to start a new conversation by clicking on ‘Grok’ in the sidebar.”

Grok confirmed: “That’s right! If you ever find yourself stuck in a loop or not getting the answers you need, you can always start a new conversation with me by clicking on ‘Grok’ in the sidebar. I’m always here to help and provide you with the best answers possible.”