Update on Jury Selection: 

When we wrote the original post, we had a particular REGJB judge in mind (not the judge we were trying the case in front of. Indeed our trial was not in Florida).  So sort of like casting bait upon the waters, we got a bite and Judge De La O weighed in. Here is his comment, and this is what we are going to do. 1) Post his comment. 2) Accept his invitation and write a new post inveighing against this system of jury selection, and giving him unfettered and unedited space for rebuttal (unlike some of his colleagues who say things like “you have two minutes counsel for rebuttal“, but we digress). But for now, he gets the last word on this post. 

Credit where credit is due, I got the idea from Judge Firtel who used it occasionally. I liked it, researched it, and concluded that if I was going to use it in any trial, I should use it in all trials. The other commentators here have done an excellent job of explaining its advantages. I have written two orders explaining and defending random jury selection. I’m happy to share them with anyone who emails me. Also happy to debate it with anyone. It is neither illegal, unfair, or fattening. But if you convince me otherwise, I will stop using it.

 No jail visits as there is an outbreak of Lice …yuck. 

No truth to the rumor that some robed readers toured the jail earlier this week. 

And a nice JOA count 1 and NG counts 2-3.  Yet another Christmas miracle. 

Ho Ho Ho.