It has recently come to my attention that some men are being defrauded by their girlfriends presenting them with an ultrasound showing the presence of a bun in the oven. Or two buns in the oven, as depicted in the picture above.

    The men are unsuspecting.  Wanting to provide a home for their offspring, they marry their girlfriends.  Sometime during the pregnancy, the new wife disappears for a few days and then returns to her husband with a sad tale of visiting a friend when suffering a miscarriage.

    In fact, the only miscarriage was a miscarriage of justice.  There are three cases similar to this of which I have recently become aware.  

    In two of those cases, the fraud was assisted by an online site that sells and customizes ultrasound images of one or more children in utero.  For a mere $40, a devious female can purchase a real ultrasound and have her name and a date and hospital of the buyer’s choosing affixed to the ultrasound.  The personalized photo is then given to the boyfriend, and the photo appears to be authentic and the date is tied to a time when the couple began having sex.  
    Hard as it is to believe, the “BabyMaybe” online store openly advertises the sale of fake ultrasounds that can be used for this very purpose:

    Personally, I think this “online store” should be held liable for all of the heartache and forced marriages that result from these fake ultrasounds.  

    Any man who is defrauded by the use of a fake baby ultrasound can have his marriage annulled on the grounds of fraud.  

    And any man whose girlfriend presents him with an ultrasound that can be traced to the BabyMaybe site, just follow the advice of one woman who discovered her brother had been presented with one of these fake pictures: “Run away from this woman as fast as you can!”