“He has also proposed banning abortion, loosening regulations on guns and considering only countries that want to ‘fight against socialism’ as Argentina’s allies, often naming the United States and Israel as examples. In his victory speech, he attacked the political ‘caste’ that he says has enriched themselves at the expense of average Argentines, saying ‘today is the end to Argentine decadence.’…

From “Argentina Elects Javier Milei in Victory for Far Right/Argentina’s next president is a libertarian economist whose brash style and embrace of conspiracy theories has parallels with those of Donald J. Trump” (NYT).

Is he like Trump? We’re told “his strong adherence to a libertarian ideology… has led him to support, in theory, policies like open immigration and drug decriminalization.” The similarities? “He harshly attacks his critics and the news media, he calls the scientific consensus on climate change a socialist plot, he argues that a shadowy cabal controls the country and he even has an unruly hairdo that has become an online meme.”

An example of his rhetoric: “The state is a pedophile in a kindergarten… with the children chained up and bathed in Vaseline.”
Key fact: Inflation in Argentina is over 140%.