In the coming months, Baker McKenzie will host a series of virtual seminars on arbitration: Arbitration Lunch Break. Our lawyers and guests will discuss the practical aspects of each step of arbitration proceedings, from the drafting of an arbitration agreement to the enforcement of an arbitral award.

Our experts will start with arbitration’s cornerstone: the arbitration agreement. The arbitration agreement is where parties register they wish to submit disputes to arbitration, and where the parties agree on how they will do so: one or three arbitrators? Institutional or ad-hoc arbitration? Institution A or institution B? Seat in Singapore, Paris, Frankfurt, London, or Sao Paulo?

A well-drafted arbitration agreement brings many advantages to arbitration users. Among others, a well-drafted ensures that the arbitration proceedings will meet parties’ desires and expectations, besides minimizing / excluding hurdles when initiating an arbitration proceedings, such as challenges to the validity of the arbitration agreement. Investing time in drafting an arbitration agreement ultimately ensures a significantly save of cost and time.

Tim Robben and Maria Barros Mota from our German offices will host the first episode and discuss the pitfalls of drafting arbitration agreements. The guests will be Daniel da Costa e Silva, Legal Manager for International Arbitration at Petrobras and Marine de Bailleul, Senior Associate at Baker McKenzie Paris.

Lunch and learn with us in our first episode on Wednesday, 8 November 2023, 1 p.m. CET. Click here to make your registration

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