Lori Vallow, having been convicted of murdering her two children and her new husband’s wife, was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences without chance of parole on Monday, July 31, 2023. She was also found guilty of conspiracy for working with Chad Daybell to collect 

There was really no option for the sentencing judge, Hon. Steven Boyce.  She had been shopping for wedding rings while Tammy Daybell was still alive and married to Vallow’s new husband, Chad Daybell.  Tammy was asphyxiated, as was Lori’s autistic son JJ.   16-year-old Tylee Vallow was found having been chopped up with a pickaxe and burned; the cause of her death was unknown.

Evidence introduced at trial showed a strand of Lori Vallow’s hair was stuck in the duct tape that was placed around JJ’s mouth to asphyxiate him.  

At sentencing, Vallow was given the right to speak on her behalf.  She quite happily stated that Tammy Daybell’s spirit visited her and gave her a big hug, her children did the same thing and told her she had done nothing wrong, and that Jesus Christ knows she was not guilty of any crime. 

This woman is a character right out of Stephen King novel.  The only reason she was not sentenced to death is because of a snafu in the “discovery” phase of the proceedings: the defense did not receive information concerning the State’s evidence in a timely fashion.  As a sanction, Judge Boyce took the death penalty off the table for Vallow.

Chad Daybell will not be so fortunate.  The prosecutors now have all of their information organized, and Mr. Daybell’s attorneys will have that information well in advance of trial.  I fully expect that Mr. Daybell will be convicted on all counts against him and will be sentenced to death.