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Background Note: The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), a leading organization in setting global standards for eDiscovery, is excited to announce an ambitious project aimed at updating the iconic EDRM model. The updated model, EDRM 2.0, will account for emerging use cases, technological advancements, and worldwide applicability, solidifying EDRM’s position as a key player in shaping the future of the eDiscovery industry. It is also worth noting that EDRM may have the largest Global Advisory Council of any standards organization in the world, further emphasizing its global impact and authority.

Press Announcement Extract (March 17, 2023)

EDRM Launches EDRM 2.0 Project to Update Iconic Model

Electronic Discovery Reference Model

Setting the global standards for e-discovery, the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is pleased to announce a project to update the iconic EDRM model to reflect emerging use cases, new technologies and applicability worldwide. EDRM is launching the project with a refreshed EDRM Model for 2023, incorporating the latest IGRM diagram at the front with no substantive changes.

The new EDRM 2.0 project team will build on the work of the EDRM Revision team led by project trustee, Tara Emory, Senior Vice President of Strategic Growth, Redgrave Data, the IGRM 2.0 team led by Eric Mandel of Innovative Driven and the Processing Specifications led by John Tredennick of EDRM Trusted Partner, Merlin Search Technologies and Craig D. Ball. The IGRM and Processing teams’ work product is available on the EDRM website. 

“The EDRM Model, first released in 2005 by George Socha and Tom Gelbmann, has served as the industry-accepted standard depiction of the e-discovery process since its release, with only minor revisions since then,” noted David Cohen, leader of Reed Smith’s Records & E-Discovery Practice Group and Chair of the EDRM Board of Project Trustees. “This new initiative to refresh the model, with supporting guidelines, leverages the great contributions of multiple EDRM teams, and will help to ensure that the EDRM Model remains the accepted standard for many years into the future.”

“We are grateful to Tara and the EDRM Revision team for their updates,” said Mary Mack, EDRM CEO and Chief Legal Technologist. “We realized to do them justice, the Model itself needed to be updated. Because it is core to our community in communicating across organizations and functions, the graphical upgrade will be informed by that body of work as well as other groups who have proposed different ways to look at eDiscovery.”

EDRM is seeking those interested in leading a portion of the model’s project team or contributing to this very important community project. Please reach out to info@edrm.net to engage.

EDRM Model: Simplified 2023 Version of the EDRM Model (PDF) – Mouseover to Scroll


EDRM Model: Detailed 2023 Version of the EDRM Model (PDF) – Mouseover to Scroll


About EDRM

Empowering the global leaders of e-discovery, the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) creates practical resources to improve e-discovery, privacy, security and information governance. Since 2005, EDRM has delivered leadership, standards, tools and guides to improve best practices throughout the world. EDRM has an international presence in 145 countries spanning six continents and growing has an innovative support infrastructure for individuals, law firms, corporations and government organizations seeking to improve the practice and provision of data and legal discovery. Learn more about the EDRM today at EDRM.net.

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