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Background Note: A parody is a form of creative expression that imitates or exaggerates the style, content, or distinctive elements of another work or genre, often with a humorous or satirical intention. Parodies aim to entertain audiences by poking fun at the original work, exaggerating its characteristics, or highlighting its flaws while providing commentary or critique.

In the context of legal technology marketing campaigns, parodies can engage audiences by humorously emphasizing the interest and intangibles associated with these campaigns. By employing a light-hearted approach, parodies can draw attention to the unique aspects, benefits, or common misconceptions surrounding legal technology solutions. This approach generates interest and buzz among potential clients and industry professionals, making the subject more approachable and memorable.

In the competitive world of legal technology, two recent press releases have caught our attention, each featuring a new campaign that aims to transform the industry. One press release highlights DISCO’s “Law Better” campaign, which introduces Lady Justice, or Lady J, as their new icon. Frustrated by the slow, outdated legal technology lawyers have been struggling with, Lady J steps in to encourage law firms and legal departments to modernize and embrace innovation. With a humorous approach, DISCO highlights real-life frustrations that lawyers face every day, which their AI-powered legal solution can address.

The other press release, a parody of the DISCO release, highlights that ComplexDiscovery has launched a counter-marketing campaign that introduces Mister Business, or Mr. B, as a new icon and champion of efficiency, economy, and technological prowess. As an objective industry resource, ComplexDiscovery aims to help legal technologists streamline processes and combat high costs by sharing informative research, relevant reports, and important announcements, with Mr. B evangelizing the importance of informed decisions.

Dive into the press releases and decide who tickles your funny bone while serving up some serious inspiration: Lady J, Mr. B, or both. Or do they both miss the mark on your quest for legal and business enlightenment?

Press Announcement (March 16, 2023)

Lady Justice Implores Lawyers to “Law Better” in New DISCO Campaign Through BigSmall

Lady Justice has had enough. After years of watching lawyers struggling with slow, frustrating legal technology, she’s leaving her plinth to exhort the legal industry to get with the times and “Law Better”…

AUSTIN, Texas – DISCO (NYSE:LAW), a leader in AI-enabled legal technology is launching a major new campaign encouraging law firms and legal departments to ‘Law Better’.

The new campaign, which was created by London-based creative agency BigSmall, introduces DISCO’s new campaign icon, Lady Justice. The ultimate symbol of law, fairness and impartiality, Lady Justice – or Lady J as she calls herself – is roused to action by the sight of all the poor, sad lawyers struggling with slow, outdated legal-tech. Stepping off her plinth, Lady J rips up the office, exhorting the lawyers to get with the times, use DISCO and Law Better.

The campaign was shot by award-winning director Clay Weiner through production company Biscuit. The global campaign launches in the US before rolling out to other markets later in the year.

The integrated campaign was built on the brand strategy defined by BigSmall and the central brand idea of Law Better.

The digital and social work continues the theme with Lady J promoting DISCO’s AI-driven technologies and services.

Tom Furr, Chief Marketing Officer at DISCO, said: “When it comes to technology, it’s time for the legal sector to modernize itself and embrace innovation like other industries have. We’re taking a humorous approach to get noticed, but the things Lady J gets angry about are all real-life frustrations that lawyers face every day of their working lives and which DISCO can solve.”

Tom Evans, Creative Partner at BigSmall said: “DISCO is a phenomenal product, so our mission is to make sure every lawyer in the world knows about it. With Lady J as the new face of DISCO’s creative we hope to spread the word further and faster than ever before.”

To watch the ad or to learn more about the campaign, visit DISCO.com/LawBetter.


DISCO (NYSE:LAW) provides a cloud-native, artificial intelligence-powered legal solution that simplifies ediscovery, legal document review and case management for enterprises, law firms, legal service providers and governments. Our scalable, integrated solution enables legal departments to easily collect, process and review enterprise data that is relevant or potentially relevant to legal matters. For more information, visit www.csdisco.com.

About BigSmall

BigSmall is the brand strategy and creative agency from Ben Cleaver (former MD bluemarlin New York), Tom Evans (former CD WCRS/Engine) and Matt Edwards (former CEO WCRS/Engine Creative). BigSmall helps clients to find their focus and go big with what matters. Find out more at www.bigsmall.works.

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Press Announcement (March 17, 2023)

Mister Business Appeals to Legal Technologists to “Business Better” in New ComplexDiscovery Campaign 

Mister Business has reached his breaking point. Having observed legal technologists grappling with sluggish, exasperating legal technology and excessive, unjustified expenses for years, he is now stepping down from his platform to urge the legal technology sector to modernize and adopt more efficient “Business Better” practices. 

TALLINN, Estonia – ComplexDiscovery OÜ, a leader in technology marketing for cybersecurity, information governance, and legal technology professionals, is launching a new counter-marketing campaign encouraging law firms and legal departments to ‘Business Better.’

The new counter-marketing campaign, inspired by DISCO’s new “Law Better” campaign announced on March 16, 2023, introduces ComplexDiscovery’s new campaign icon, Mister Business. As the ultimate symbol of efficiency, economy, and technological prowess, Mister Business – or Mr. B as he calls himself – is motivated to action by the sight of legal technologists grappling with slow, outdated legal tech and burdened by high, unsubstantiated bills. Stepping off his podium, Mr. B revolutionizes the office, urging legal technologists to embrace ComplexDiscovery.com’s research, reports, and announcements to help streamline processes, combat high costs, and achieve better value, ultimately leading to Business Better.

The counter-marketing campaign was built on the central idea that informed professionals make better business decisions and that ComplexDiscovery OÜ’s online publication may be an objective resource for reporting cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery trends, technologies, and services related to electronically stored information.

An unnamed company spokesperson at ComplexDiscovery said: “In terms of technology and business, the legal sector may benefit by adopting technology and business innovations, ranging from AI to per-hour pricing, as other industries have. We’re using a light-hearted approach to grab attention, but the issues that infuriate Mister Business are genuine daily challenges legal technologists face. ComplexDiscovery, one of many objective industry resources, can help address these challenges by sharing enlightening research, relevant reports, and important announcements to inform technology and business decisions in the eDiscovery ecosystem.

To learn more about Mister Business and ComplexDiscovery, visit ComplexDiscovery.com/BusinessBetter.

About ComplexDiscovery

ComplexDiscovery is a premier online publication renowned for providing essential insights and intelligence in the realms of cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery to professionals navigating these fields. As a leading source of information, the publication expertly combines original research with aggregated news to cater to a highly specialized audience. Committed to enhancing readers’ understanding of relevant topics, ComplexDiscovery stands as an impartial and comprehensive resource for exploring trends, technologies, and services associated with electronically stored information.

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