Hey everyone 👋 Intern Katie here with a weekly recap for the Open Legal Blog Archive!

The main focus of this week has been adding blogs that I have found from various sources on the web. Since I started, we have added around 100 blogs (and counting!) to the archive, most of which are from California.

While one of the main driving points of the archive is to preserve legal blogs as sources of secondary law, it can be difficult to add sources when they haven’t been updated in several years. It’s always frustrating when you find an excellent source but have no way of archiving it; you run into problems varying from finding blogs that have been hacked to blogs with broken RSS feeds.

Digital archiving is something that is so sorely needed in the world of both planned and accidental technology obsolescence. When archiving with blogs, there are always links that bring you to sites whose domain has lapsed, have been intentionally deleted by the author, or are unreadable due to broken formatting.

Here at OBLA, we hope to provide a way of keeping these blogs safe in the same way that law reviews and journals are housed in their own archives.

If you have a long-since abandoned blog that is still live on the web, make sure to check in on it time-to-time! You never know who may be using it as a resource.

You can help our archive grow by submitting your blog here.