The Archive saw massive growth in 2022, with a large portion of this growth attributed to efforts made by LexBlog’s Digital Archive Intern, Alex Henigman. Additionally, the Archive has seen a considerable increase in organic growth, likely due to word-of-mouth recommendations. Here are some key statistics that highlight this success:

  • The number of submissions to the Archive grew by 1,033%
  • The number of blogs added to the Archive was 921
  • The number of blog posts added to the Archive was 93,708

Overall, the Archive now contains:

  • 44,536 authors
  • 665,369 posts
  • 3,206 blogs
  • 1,881 firms/organizations

While maintaining its strong growth, LexBlog has also been working to enhance the user experience by continuously incorporating new features into the Archive platform.

You can help our archive grow by submitting your blog here.