‘The Bloggy Way of Doing Things’: Reassessing the Blog Via Social Interactional and Social Constructivist Approaches, May 2008, Marcelo A. Vieta, PhD Candidate in Social and Political Thought, York University, Toronto, Canada;Associate Member, Applied Communication and Technology Laboratory, Simon Fraser University (http://actlab.org/) 

Blogs are, like all communication technologies, two-folded: The evolution of blogs into elegant and easy-to-use and -administer sites for self-publishing and network-building has been guided as much by the technologies that undergird them as it has by the life-world needs, desires, meanings, and social practices that bloggers mediate through them. In order to understand this two-foldedness, this article draws out a social constructivist and social interactional theory of the blog and the sociality that it mediates—“the bloggy way of doing things”—and explores the ways that bloggers are immanently (re)inventing blogging technologies via their very social and self-presentational practices.