On January 15, I sat down via Webex with Trent Livingston, the CEO of ESI Analyst. Trent and I covered, among a host of topics, how he got involved in the eDiscovery industry, mobile device preservation, collection and review, and eDiscovery in current events. 

Trent started his career as a software test engineer and developer at Microsoft before entering the eDiscovery marketplace in the early 2000s.  He has since provided consulting and expert testimony surrounding structured data, process automation, and complex data analytics throughout his two-decade long career in eDiscovery and technology.  Trent has been the CEO of ESI Analyst since 2018.

Empowering ESI Technology Investment with Metadata Analysis

Trent explains how ESI desktop extracts information and loads it directly to a cloud, which empowers your investment in other products to be able to look at each individual item of data faster. 

Making Review of Cell Phone Content Easier

Trent discusses how ESI Desktop allows you to read from various containers or forensic collection components and threads the chats for ease of review: “That’s one of the big easy buttons, if you will . . . .” 

Best Practices in Mobile Device Data Preservation

Trent discusses that the different mobile devices have nuances, and understanding the particularities of each is “the greatest challenge of preservation for my friends and counterparts in the industry as well as attorneys.”

How eDiscovery is Colliding with Current Events

Trent discusses the FBI’s ongoing investigation into the January 6 Capitol breach noting, with regard to a particular social media site, that it’s “amazing the amount of information they are able to grab from that, that is the breaking headline.”

ESI Analyst takes a “datacentric approach” in approaching ESI, and assists digital investigators, legal teams, and their clients to quickly isolate and extract relevant information from a variety of ESI.  Trent reported that ESI Analyst is a suite of tools that allows multiple forms of disparate data to come together in one platform, and allows legal teams to deal with ESI on the single item level (e.g. a single chat within a longer conversation).

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