On October 30, I sat down via Webex with JP Midgley, the CEO of Avalon. JP and I covered transitioning to RelativityOne, standing out among the competition, and tips on how to go paperless. 

JP began his career at Avalon in an entry-level position before being appointed director of client services.  In 2008, he opened Avalon’s Buffalo office and became that location’s managing partner.  JP has been the CEO of Avalon since 2011.

Blending eDiscovery Vendors and Law Firms

JP explains how Avalon is able to work with law firms brought in by corporate clients, stating that Avalon operates as part of the team: “We’re all trying to accomplish the same thing here and we’re bringing our skill sets to the table”.

Transitioning to RelativityOne

JP discusses transitioning to RelativityOne as a way to ensure Avalon’s team has the best tools to service clients and provide solutions.

Standing Out Against eDiscovery Competition

JP notes that Avalon’s responsiveness to requests sets them apart from the competition: “In a world of tight deadlines and high-stress litigation, responsiveness means a lot and being able to respond, get the search done, get the production out, move really quick, as quick as a legal team is moving, it seems to be really important”.

Tips on Going Paperless for In-House Counsel

JP discusses the importance of knowing the components of what you want to transfer and making a plan for what you want to retain in a cost effective way.

Avalon was founded in 2000 in Syracuse, New York as a legal copy services company before evolving to provide a wide array of document services including scanning, managed office services, digital forensics, cybersecurity, and eDiscovery.

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