On October 28, I sat down via WebEx with Mandi Ross, the CEO of both Prism Litigation Technology and Insight Optix. Mandi and I covered a broad range of topics relevant to modern litigation, specifically proportionality, remote work during the pandemic, and staying up to date on technology. 

Mandi has about 35 years of experience in the eDiscovery space. She started as a paralegal, and has worked as an expert and consultant. She previously served as the Vice President of Ciara Inc. and Jurist Systems Group.

Broad and Burdensome Data: Utilizing Proportionality in eDiscovery

Mandi explains the proportionality approach that is designed to enable clients to streamline the discovery process.

Staying Up-to-Date: In-House Counsel and eDiscovery Technology

Mandi discusses looking for new ways to improve the litigation lifecycle through Prism’s established process of evaluating new technology.

How Do Corporations Manage the Convergence of Data during Remote Work?

Mandi discusses the comingling of personal and business communications during the COVID-19 pandemic, noting privacy concerns related to the personal information.

How Can In-House Counsel Manage eDiscovery Costs Efficiently?

Mandi discusses the ultimate goal: to sit down and assess the environment as well as the needs of the client.

Mandi founded Prism Litigation Technology in 1997. Prism is an eDiscovery advisory firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Mandi said that Prism has been “operating in the trenches with legal teams for the last two decades” to deal with the complexities of eDiscovery. Insight Optix owns proprietary technology called Evidence Optix, which is a technology company offering workflows that operationalizes proportionality and provides roadmap frameworks for lawyers. Mandi said that it “enables us to build hypothetical scenarios” and determine the likely cost to better “align” to the merits of the case.

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