On September 30, I sat down with Alma Asay, an Evangelist at Litera Microsystems, via Webex. Alma and I covered her advice for legal technology entrepreneurs, the future of legal technology, and key questions to ask law firms about technology. 

Alma  began her career as an associate with Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP in the litigation department.  She founded Allegory, a cloud-based litigation management platform, in 2012, serving as the CEO from its inception until 2017, when Allegory was acquired by Integreon.  She is now an Evangelist for Litera, having joined the company earlier this year.  Litera recently acquired Allegory from Integreon, and has rebranded the platform as Litera Litigate.

Alma Asay’s Path to Legal Technology

Alma discusses her legal technology path and how she is centered around three key things: connecting, educating and building.

Advice for Legal Technology Entrepreneurs

Alma discusses building a great network “because you just never know how those people are going to come around later”.

The Future of Legal Tech

Alma notes that, in terms of litigation, the legal tech vision of the future is to “bridge the gap between cloud and desktop”.

In-House Counsel: Key Questions to Ask Your Law Firms about Technology

Alma discusses how in-house counsel can evaluate the tech value that their outside counsel is bringing to the table in terms of increasing efficiency and effectiveness. 

Alma described Litera Microsystems is an “enormous legal technology company” that uses its “significant presence in the legal community” to “create products that help attorneys focus on what matters,” including improving workflows and workspaces.

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