On September 17, I sat down with Andy Macdonald, the CEO of Consilio, via Webex. Andy and I discussed the need (and challenges) of accessing capital for the legal services industry, Consilio’s growth model and service mindset, and managing a corporate litigation spend in a time of uncertainty.

Andy has a long history of executive leadership, having grown his previous company, First Advantage, through a series of 60 acquisitions in five years. First Advantage Litigation Consulting was rebranded to Consilio in February 2013. Since then, Andy has grown Consilio into one of the largest providers of managed services in the world, overseeing a series of significant acquisitions.

Capital: The Source of Challenges and Opportunities

Andy discusses the challenges with procuring investment capital in the legal services industry, and how Consilio has been “fortunate” to find “great” partners.

The Rise of Self-Service Business Units

Andy explains when and why Consilio created its self-service business unit to focus on those organizations which are supporting smaller matters internally, all while providing a backstop of internal support if the matter outstrips the initial expectations.

How Can Legal Departments Manage eDiscovery Spending?

Andy covers the evolution of the eDiscovery service delivery models, as well as the purchasing experience, noting the trend toward consolidation of multiple vendors into a single, devoted, end-to-end legal service provider.

eDiscovery and COVID: Positioning Your Company During Uncertainty

Andy discusses how to manage an eDiscovery portfolio in a time of uncertainty, and the focus on committed partnerships that provide opportunity for flexibility.

Consilio is a global legal and eDiscovery services provider operating in 11 countries across the globe; Andy reports that “we provide these services across multiple jurisdictions and time zones, but our view is that we deliver the same service and the same product wherever you happen to be with us.” Consilio provides services from consulting to forensic collections, processing, document review, and production services; Andy also reports a “full suite of data scientists dig in on an analytic standpoint.” Consilio also offers a proprietary platform, Sightline, which is a tool that is geared toward self-service eDiscovery.

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