Happy New Year to you! Here’s to another year of working hard and learning new things. With this new year upon us, it seemed fitting to talk a bit about some marketing goals we’re working to accomplish in 2019 here at LexBlog.

This year, we’re working with a goal of making LexBlog known as a global network of legal publishers. Since our move towards creating a news source for expert insights and commentary on the law, a lot of our clients and followers are not clear on who we are or what we do. This year, marketing wants to solidify LexBlog as a worldwide leader in global publishing.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of our goals:

1. Launch our publishing microsite.

Our Art Director, Brian Biddle, Kevin, and I have been working to develop a site that will give our clients and followers a better understanding of what publishing looks like at LexBlog – looking forward to showing you all soon.

2. Implement a brand messaging vision of LexBlog as a worldwide network of legal publishers.

How do we convey LexBlog, its mission, and its values through language? We’re working on it 🙂

3. Build greater connections between LexBlog and our clients.

We want to talk with you more! Another goal toward which we’re working is better listening to what you have to say about LexBlog. We love your feedback.

4. Develop LexBlog’s presence at conferences around the globe.

Conferences are a big deal to us – it’s where we connect with so many legal professionals that have shaped the industry in important ways. We want to find out how we can be most helpful and effective as we travel to meet and reconnect with you all.

We’re excited to buckle down and start accomplishing these goals! Wishing you a happy new year – may you stay true to your resolutions as we stay true to ours.